Wednesday, September 2, 2020

 Sisters of Earth Emerging online course Sept 23, 2020-Aug 25, 20

Sisters of Earth Emerging:

How do we embody the Dream of the Earth

in this time of crises?

Life as we know it is changing. Limited in our social interactions and dependent on the goodwill of other humans, more and more of us are recognizing glaring inequities in the dangerous social and environmental policies that are strangling our Earth community. We are waking up in outrage and resistance. We yearn for a society fluent in diversity, interiority and communion.

In the midst of the challenges of a global pandemic, blatant racism, and ecological and social systems collapse, we are ripe for change.

There is no road map for how to move from our inherited, often unconsciously dysfunctional patterns of thinking and acting into Earth’s way of being. There are practices, however, that can put us in rhythm with Earth’s metabolism, practices that can help free us from old habits and values that embed us in systems of oppression.

Join us online for six committed sessions of inquiry over 12 months, starting on September 23, 2020, to face the legacy of our predominantly white European background and upbringing and move into a decolonized future. We will form an online community open to what is emerging within us and society, and recommit to the Dream of the Earth in this time of foment.

This will not be an intellectual endeavor, but an embodied one, a deep descent so that what wants to emerge from our collective energy and wisdom might arise and guide us to animate our collective future.

“We need to go far beyond any transformation of contemporary culture. We must go back to the genetic imperative from which human cultures emerge originally and from which they can never be separated without losing their integrity and their survival capacity.... We must invent, or reinvent, a sustainable human culture by a descent into our pre-rational, our instinctive resources…. What is needed is not transcendence but “inscendence,” not the brain but the gene.”

Thomas Berry, Dream of the Earth, p.207 - 208

Based on Decolonial Futures Curriculum. Each participant will commit to coming to the main six sessions. We will also hold 6 alternate, optional sessions in the months in between the sessions for more dialog and community. There will be readings for each committed session.

Fourth Wednesdays at 11 am PST, 12 pm MST, 1 pm CST, 2 pm EST for two (2) hours

6 committed dates: Sept 23, Nov 25, Jan 27, March 24, May 26,July 28

6 optional dates: Oct 28, Dec 23, Feb 24, April 28, June 23, Aug 25

Online by Zoom. Registration $30-90, $60 requested. Full scholarships available by emailing Molly Arthur,

You are strongly encouraged to join our test session to go over Zoom usage on Sept 16, 11 am-12:00 pm PST